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Advanced EFT Coaching

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Empowering Women 40+
to Reclaim Their Confidence, Focus, and Success

Are you ready to:

✔️ Break Free from Self-Doubt
✔️ Conquer Procrastination
✔️ Reclaim Your Focus and Energy
✔️ Boost Your Confidence
✔️ Turn Your Goals into Reality

Imagine starting each day feeling empowered, focused, and excited about life's possibilities. As a certified Clinical EFT coach, I guide women like you to unlock their inner strength and wisdom.

Don't let another moment slip by feeling stuck or unfulfilled. It's time to embrace the vibrant, accomplished life you deserve.

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✔️ Break Free from Feeling Stuck: Overcome mental barriers and rediscover your purpose.
✔️ Conquer Procrastination: Turn hesitation into decisive action with proven EFT techniques.
✔️ Reclaim Your Focus: Master your attention and unlock peak productivity at any age.
✔️ Ignite Your Confidence: Cultivate unshakeable self-belief and resilience.
✔️ Accelerate Goal Achievement: Turn long-held aspirations into tangible successes.

Real Stories from Real Clients

Discover how personalized EFT coaching has empowered women just like you:

“I'm so grateful for the time we spent together and all that I learned.”

Working with Coach Kay through EFT tapping was an incredibly rewarding and transformative experience. She was able to help me identify the root of my stressors and anxiety, and then guide me through the process to finally let go of them.

Tanisha, Teacher
"I'm truly grateful for her and the amazing impact she's had on my life."

I was stuck in the trap of trying to be perfect in everything I did. I had my doubts but was hopeful that EFT could help me out. I'm really happy to say that after just a few sessions with Kay, my whole perspective changed. She used EFT coaching to help me let go of my perfectionism and boost my confidence. Now, I feel so much more empowered to be myself and not worry about being flawless.

Katie C., Wellness instructor
"Working with Kay has been deeply transformative. "

In our work together, Coach Kay has helped me move beyond several internal hurdles that were holding me back, while also providing tools and tactics to use in my day-to-day life, moving forward. I would recommend Coach Kay to anyone on a journey of self-discovery, either as a supplement to existing therapeutic support or as a stand-alone: she is wonderful.

Jamie Phillips, Mindset coach

Why Choose Me as Your EFT Coach?


Specialized in guiding women 40+ to unlock their full potential.


Tailored EFT sessions designed to address your unique challenges and goals.


Leveraging advanced EFT Tapping methods for deep, lasting change.


Compassionate guidance from someone who understands your journey.

Ready to rewrite your story? Let's connect and begin your journey to a more empowered you!


To inspire and equip women in their prime through a transformative journey, providing a safe and supportive space to uncover and resolve deep-rooted challenges, ultimately fostering resilience, fulfillment, and holistic well-being.


To empower women embracing their wisdom years with advanced, evidence-based EFT tools, enabling them to confidently navigate life transitions, rediscover their purpose, and embrace their full potential.


Empowerment: Cultivating unshakeable confidence and self-love
Compassion: Offering a judgment-free sanctuary for personal growth
Integrity: Upholding the highest standards of confidentiality and trust

Invest in Your Future with EFT Coaching


EFT coaching is a powerful investment in yourself, yielding lifelong returns:

▪️Boosted productivity and focus
▪️Enhanced self-confidence and resilience
Improved navigation of life's challenges
▪️Alignment of personal and professional goals


▪️MSc in Business Administration
▪️Certified Life Coach and Goal Success Coach
▪️Clinical EFT Practitioner (Levels 1 & 2 certified, Level 3 in progress)


✔️ Mastery of Techniques: Ensures you receive the most effective, evidence-based EFT coaching.

✔️ Industry Recognition: Acknowledged expertise by EFT International, a leading authority in the field.

✔️ Cutting-Edge Practices: Access to the latest, scientifically-validated methods for profound personal change.

Ready to unlock your full potential? Let's begin your journey today.

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You've always had the strength within you. Now, it's time to unleash it. With personalized EFT coaching, you'll have an expert guide by your side, helping you overcome obstacles and achieve the life you've always envisioned.

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